Friday, June 17, 2011

The Postage Stamps Swap

I have had 4 days off work plus the weekend, but have spent a lot of the time painting the house, downstairs ceiling complete, what a tough job, this took 4 days!! Painting the walls has felt like a piece of cake by comparison, the living room and dining room are done, trim tomorrow. I have grabbed time for fabric hits when I could.....

the postage stamp exchange deadline was looming, mailing date was June 15th (also the closing on the house refinance, this took time away from painting and fabricing). I had been cutting and cutting and making piles, 50 x 25 needed......AND I missed the mailing deadline, Ana took the car with the precious fabric to the beach..

late on Thursday I found out that there was an extension so I spent the evening making more piles and putting them into baggies

just the tonic after an afternoon at Yale Smilow Cancer Clinic getting another mammogram and ultra sound to hear the glorious news "it was a false alarm" much relieved.

When my neighbor Lisa saw my piles she exclaimed "what are you doing now?" I myself was wondering, but they went off to Indiana on Friday morning and the young gentleman in the village post office so carefully put stamps on my SAE and sealed everything up for me with a smile, oh these little things......then off to Theresa's for coffee and bagels and to do the last of the ceiling painting.

Lisa showed me this wonder
A climbing rose, climbing up a fruit tree in the neighbour's garden, the blooms cascade beautifully through the green of the tree.

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