Friday, April 17, 2015

2015 FO Friday #2

Spring is finally springing in New are some FOs

Another toddler einstein cardigan, this was a little small for 18 month old Bohan, but he is getting some wear out of it.

The viajante, took about 1500 yards of fingerling weight yarn, Satoko wears it well and loves it. I'm working on turning her into a knitter too.

A couple of pairs of socks-these will go to Sandy
These went to Theresa
Look at that cute tag
Both pairs of socks were knitted toe up with a gusset and now I'm giving a tutorial to some local knitters. Session two, the gusset is next week.

Happy weekend

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

2015 WIP Wednesday #2

simple vanilla socks

Just have to kitchner stitch the toe and start the second sock. I knit the foot in the movies so there are a couple of odd stitches, but these are for me.

Making progress on Viajante

almost knitted up the 2nd 100g skein, will I need a third I wonder or just move onto the lace border?

and started another Toddler Einstein cardi

in Noro Taiyo, this is the lower back and front almost complete, picking up stitches for the upper front will be next.

This is how we fared in Winter Storm Juno

In the two feel range, luckily we didn't lose power and the snow is light and fluffy due to the cold temps.

The snow makes a great back drop for knitting projects and yarn stash, but my arms ache  from a lot of shoveling yesterday.

Friday, January 23, 2015

2015 FO Friday #1

An FO from 2014

Glaciation MKAL, designed by Josh Rykes (Swordofaknitter)

Here's an FO from late 2014, it's finally been blocked, although I had worn it a lot and really like the shape, it is easy to wear, a really great design Josh. I used a skein of Madeline Tosh dandelion (linen and wool blend) in the Astrid Grey colourway, I really love this yarn, it has such a great feel and Malabrigo sock in the Eggplant colourway, it's a very dark purple, almost black and I love this colour and yarn


and an FO from 2015

Cadeautje -Thrummed Slippers by Ysolda Teague

I used Brown Sheep Nature Spun Chunky in grey heather and Malabrigo nube roving in the Indiecita colourway. This was my first thrumming project and a lot of fun, it is just am amazing feeling to put your feet in these slippers.

Thrums in the making

My advent socks are finished.....

Made from left over scraps, lovely memories for me

and the toddler Einstein cardi for GG is also finished

 Noro Taiyo Aran and the aqua is Cascade 220 quatro

I went icord bind-off crazy, binding of and joining seams, I think it gives a nicer unique finish. Still needs to be blocked to even out my stitching.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

2015 WIP Wednesday # 1

Once again not in any particular order..........

1. Viajante - shawl- designed by Martina Behm  should be an easy relaxing knit, but I have unpicked this 4 times!!! All because I wasn't reading the pattern....hmm there must be a lesson in there it should grow steadily. I'm using schoppel wolle admiral, but have plans to spice it up when this skein runs out.

the beginning triangle

2. The advent socks - it's a HO (Half finished Object)

Afterthought heel going in.

Afterthought heel in, but a little big.

The second one awaits...........I'm linking in to some other WIP Wednesday posts, go take a look.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Summing up the 2015 WIPs

Well to start off 2015, I have a record number of WIPs..........I think the number is hopefully lucky 13. On the positive side, this large number should translate into a lot of early 2015 FOs.

The most active WIPs (in no particular order) are......

1. January Mystery Socks
Inspired by Chagall’s blue tones, designed by Heatherly Walker. Both cuffs are complete, I'm using Schoeller+Stahl Fortissima Colori Socka Color (made in teh Czech Republic, yay) and Patons Kroy Sock yarns. I'm working on clue 2 now, I had to unpick one sock due to an error, picking up these tiny stitches has been a real pain, but I'll press on.

Clue 1

 Clue 2 about half-way through.

Doing TAAT (Two at a time), but on separate needles

2. Advent Calendar Lace Scarf
Designed by Kristin Benecken, I'm using two shades of grey in Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine and Cascade Yarns Heritage Silk.

 Day 17 

I've been stuck on Day 19 for almost a week now and have just moved to Day 20, another complicated pattern.

Christmas Eve photo, premature blocking after Day 14

Finally Day 19 complete

3. Einstein Toddler Coat
This is a great pattern by Sally Melville (no purling!). I'm using Noro Taiyo in sand, red, greens and yellow and the aqua is Cascade 220 quatro (slightly lighter weight). I discovered that the sleeves are too short, so need to add another couple of inches.

So close to an FO

4. Advent Scrap Socks
A lot of the scraps are Taiyo sock yarn leftover from various projects, these are memory socks for me since I remember what I made from all the yarn. Am now working on the after thought heel.

The tubes

5. Thrummed Slippers
These are actually an FO now, so I'll save the details for FO Friday.

The sole

The thrums on the sole

I talk about the other WIPS another time :-)

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

2014 WIP Wednesday #11- Advent Sock Knitting Update

The Socks

Dec 2nd - sock B: knit two rounds with a color that reflects the size of your stash; just over 5kg I think- yellow - taiyo sock yarn

Sock B

My Stash

Dec 3rd- sock B: knit three rounds with a color you pick from google’s picture search: search for your self but pick a color from the first picture that isn’t you: green, some trees in the background, taiyo sock again 
Dec 4th - sock B: knit four rounds in a color you pick from the nearest painting; green again, continuing with taiyo sock yarn from a watercolour of my rock garden.

Dec 5th - sock A: knit 5 rounds in a colour that begins with your maternal grandmother's last name; Cerna, which means black in Czech so I continued with black.

Dec 6th - sock A: knit 6 rounds with colours from the flag of the country you were born in; Czech Republic in my case and like so many gags, white, blue and red.I didn't have white so you used taupe alpaca bought in Cusco, Peru in 2012.

Sock B (top), Sock A (bottom)

Dec 7th - sock B: knit 7 rounds from "What Color is Your Personality?" ; blue; taiyo sock yarn

Dec 8th - Sock A: knit 8 rounds depicting my girls in their favourite colour (turquoise DD#1, green DD# 2). the colours I used are an approximation, both taiyo sock yarn

Dec 9th - Sock A: knit 9 rounds from an early child hood memory - blue; taiyo sock yarn (again)~ the ocean in Africa

Dec 10th - Sock B: knit 10 rounds 

Saturday, December 6, 2014

2014 FO Friday # 7

Recent FOs have been hats for young boys.......

 Fingering weight twisted hat

Pattern: Swirl Hat by Mandie Harrington

Worsted Weight Beanie

Pattern: Basic Roll-Brim Beanie by Ana Clerc
Yarn: Studio Donegal Donegal Aran Tweed The hat is actually brown!! I'll hav eto take another photo.
These are Christmas gifts, blocked since these pics were taken and ready to be wrapped.

I also finished the Westknits MKAL: Exploration Station and it is blocking at the minute as Mrs. Bakery says.  On a side note if you haven't listened to the Bakery Bears you really should, my all new favourite podcast.

Exploration Station Shawl, blocking

Pattern: Exploration Station by Stephen West