Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My Fab 4 times 2 WIPs

I've been a member of the online quilting group Stashbusters for almost a year now. Although I don't have a large stash or a long list of UFOs I have got a lot of good ideas and inspiration from this group. One of which is the idea of a Fab 4 list, the idea being to work on just 4 projects at a time, for those of us that get bored with just one project on the go...4 is a number that provides variety but measurable progress......this can apply to non-quilting projects too and I have A Big Four List (NOT much progress there though) somewhere along the way my Fab 4 doubled to 2 x Fab 4, I think that satisfies my slight ADDness... so here they are:

Purple haze (hand quilting)
this is becoming more and more free form.....

The blue quilt (need to design borders)
Actually now that I look at it, perhaps just one more border, a simple darkish blue or a red or something entirely different? thoughts welcome

The green quilt (borders x 2 or 3 to be added)
The purple border can't really be seen in this pic but it's on 3 sides and the next step is to float a sort of piano key green border... a wonderful idea I received from a member of Stashbusters

The Spring Mystery (final border and backing fabric is too small oh what to do)
just a plain black on black border, need to sew the strips together, thought I'd highlight my "exotic" bulbs in this pic.

The Kaffe Fasset (final border also being pieced)
well I didn't have enough of the Kaffe Fasset green fabric for the border so have been making more...almost there.

Star Struck (rows need to be joined and a tally, is it big enough or do I have to make more blocks?)
here is one row hanging from the hanging basket, I don't even know what I have and what I need on this one

The Liberated Round Robin (still on round 1)
hmm I'm worried that the triangles are too narrow, the proportions don't look right, perhaps I'll try doubling them up, maybe with a thin border between...

Secret Window Mystery (step 2 and the little triangle pieces are not coming together properly, some ripping needs to take place), updated photos in my next post

so it seems like I'm at the border stage with many of these which may explain why they have been languishing...I am itching to start something new....but must finish something first! okay onto those borders......

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MulticoloredPieces said...

Your WIPs are lovely and the purple haze is gorgeous. I've enjoyed your blog.
best, nadia