Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dinner at the urban oasis cafe in Cambridge

Was magnifique last night. Enjoyed the mystic mountain salad, the green goddess demi bowl, the udon miso masterful noodle bowl and the adventurer in a sensual atmosphere with my dds. Both dds had much on their plate, #1 working on refining her font design and #2 studying for 3 midterms today. I appreciated the time they took out for dinner with me. We left the cafe energized and refreshed so hopefully their late study sessions were more effective.

Work meetings in Cambridge this morning and already heading back on the train to providence. The question is do I stop at Joanne's fabrics on the way home in case they have more of the turquoise fabric that would simplify the back for the king 9 patched by 9 patch quilt? I did find a 20% off coupon on my phone! Decisions decisions.

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