Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Gwen Marston Liberated Log Cabin Workshop Day 2 Report

What a wonderful experience this was. Gwen is funny, creative and extremely inspiring, I really enjoyed listening to her and learning a couple of new to make thin curved strips, bias machine applique serpents and as her sweatshirt says "don't commit too soon".

 The featherweight did pretty well, considering I had just started using it a couple of days before the workshop. I think it will be my preferred machine.
Gwen and I, oh she is an amazing lady, I couldn't get enough of her

Gwen explaining the liberated style how to make those blocks fit!!Those are my pieces on the wall
here we go, how can this fit together?

Gwen gives a last minute demo at the end of the day....liberated triangle border.

This workshop left me inspired, exhausted and full of ideas.....and today my parents arrived from the Czech Republic, their last visit was 10 years ago.......I'm so happy to have them here and they are staying for a month! and my DD#2 came home with us, so I have 3 members of my family asleep upstairs tonight, it gives me a lovely feeling....

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Tonya Ricucci said...

amazing and wonderful. your quilt is looking great!