Friday, April 20, 2012

Gwen Marston Liberated Workshop Day 1 Report

 Oh what fun we should have been a 90 minute drive for me.....I made it to the parking lot with 5 minutes to spare, a brief hang-up en route due to tree trimming and one lane traffic on the highway. At the location I was so close, asked someone who directed me further away and went around the building a couple of times so as a result rushed in to the classroom late, of course the only available seat was in the front, so I perched myself, took some breathes, scanned the room for Kathleen from my liberated on line quilt group and then we heard an alarm.  We looked at each other wondering and then were told we had to evacuate the room, Gwen wondered about her quilts, I wondered about my featherweight and my fabrics, but just took my purse and iphone and Gwen took one quilt off the wall. So there we were in the car park, in the sunshine, I found Kathleen and she is tiny! and so sweet....there were ladies that had driven from Cape Cod and there we were in the parking lot and good old Gwen gave a lesson and answered questions and we bonded. In the end we walked to a nearby restaurant and ordered lunch, of course Murphy's Law came into play and just after we ordered a lady walked in and said, I've been looking all over for you, how could I have lost 20 quilters and with name tags! you can go back to the classroom. now she said, the gas leak is no more. By this time we were more relaxed waited for food, beer, wine or soda and eventually made our way back to the classroom and started sewing.

Lunch with Gwen!

Gwen isn't big on labels and writes the important details on the sleeve, I know you can't read it but this quilt was made in 2008

 Finally 2 hours later we back in the classroom, it turned out that there was a gas leak in the building.

I was inwardly thrilled when Gwen asked if she could use my featherweight and fabrics for demonstration purposes and was much relieved that I had changed the blade on the rotarty cutter and needle on the sewing machine.
Of course I had to build on the colours Gwen chose but I wanted to work bigger.

Gwen's log cabin quilts, she was happy with us taking photographs.


Quilteuse Forever said...

How lucky you are to be with Gwen Marston!
Love your blog, we share the same interests!
Katell, France

petra said...


thank-you for your comment. I enjoy your blogg too. I like your selvages quilts and the beautiful settings that you photograph your pieces.

petra in Connecticut