Friday, November 15, 2013

FO Friday- Yes I have a finish

Custom fit socks, still to be washed and blocked, but the ends are woven in, I'm officially declaring a Finished Object (FO).

The yarn was Poems Socks in the pumpkin Patch colour-way, made in Turkey. It's slightly felty. I wanted to knit Two at a Time (TAAT) and wanted to match the colour stripping,  It took me an evening to wind and rewind the yarn double, so that I had two matched ends coming from the centre to knit, with this yarn, not a good idea.

There were a few tangles en route, partly due to the felty yarn and partly due to the fact that the two ends pulled out from the middle at different rates, resulting in one strand being much longer than the other ..............tangle potential
I knitted these TAAT toe-up, I must say I much prefer this method, no 2nd sock syndrome........although there were times when they were growing very slowly. I used a combination of patterns, opting  for a simple stocking stitch foot, a no short row heel with the boomerang method. The Hermione pattern for the leg. All these ideas came from the amazing Ravelry web sites. I'm linking up with Tami's FO Friday

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Stephanie Stoll said...

I prefer knitting my socks 2 at a time too! I love the colors in yours and how you managed to get the stripes the same. Well done! Happy knitting!