Wednesday, July 30, 2014

2014 WIP Wednesday # 5

My front running WIP is the Nymphalidea shawl. Elizabeth from the lovely Driftwood Yarns in Mystic was the enabler in this case, she has a couple of beautiful samples of this pattern and I just had to have a go.
I pulled out a ball of Berrocco Boboli Lace that I had in my stash and Elizabeth helped me pick out this lovely Swans Island Natural Colors lace in the vanilla bean color way. The yarn is made in Maine and a yummy mix of merino and silk.

The shawl is growing quickly, I'm making some modifications that I'll write about next time. Can you see that I have two savoy cabbages making nice hearts? They're growing in my raised bed in the making, essentially composting leaves.

There's also Kale and peas and beans flowering
Please link to the amazing Tami's WIP wednesday, this is her 202nd one!! Thank-you Tami!

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Anonymous said...

Lovely yarn!