Wednesday, August 13, 2014

2014 WIP Wednesday #7

My newest WIP is a challenge from Elizabeth who owns my lovely LYS, Driftwood Yarns. If you're in the Mystic CT area, you should pay her a visit. I always leave inspired and happy.

So the challenge - how best to use this super variegated yarn? It is Dreiklang (triad), by Zitron, a blend of wool, silk and bamboo and feels wonderful. It's made in Germany.
It looks kinda 6o's tie-dyed when the skein is opened up and almost psychedelic when wound into a cake.
 The colours are muted in this evening photo, I'll take some daylight ones as this challenge progresses. I do have a couple of ideas, the first one I'm trying out is the Camino Bubbles pattern by  Kieran Foley, available on Ravelry. I have another couple of rows of ribbing and then we'll see how the bubbles look.

If you have some ideas on how best to showcase this bright variegated yarn, I'd love to hear from you.

I'm linking into all the lovely WIPs, go take a look.

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