Monday, September 1, 2014

August Break : Memory

This challenge became really challenging and due to a long kayaking adventure, last sunday I didn't get the daily post out and then it was just downhill with an extra busy week at work blah blah blah. So I've decided to just continue with August Break in September.

I have a little shell garden, edging the drive-way and place planters in it during the summer months. When my mother visited from the Czech Republic a couple of years ago she encouraged me to place the chipped precious china things in the garden. There is the remnants of a little blue bowl one of my daughters made and a Royal Dalton figurine from my other daughter;s childhood collection and it may be hard to see, but the white cube at the top of the blue bowl is a cobblestone from Prague, a memory of a christmas visit almost three years ago.  The shells were collected on kayaking trips with a good friend of mine, lots of memories in the garden.

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