Wednesday, December 3, 2014

2014 WIP Wednesday # 10

The WIPs are growing........

The Celtic sweater V2.0 for DD#2, will it be ready for Christmas? And also will I have enough yarn and the proverbial question, will it fit?

Making progress on sleeves two at a time......

In the meantime I've started not one but two advent knitting projects, in the back of my mind I'm wondering if I'm overdoing it.......there is some Christmas knitting that I would like to do too....

The advent scarf.......hosted by Kristen Benecken. I think that it is a good opportunity for me to get more experience with lace knitting and maybe even add beads......but I'm behind already, since I thought it was just the spacer pattern yesterday, completely not realizing that there was a page 2 of the pdf with 24 rows of lace. yikes..

 Day 1 advent complete

The advent socks hosted by Anna Johanna, made from scrap yarn. At first I didn't think that I had much scrap yarn, but then I went and emptied all the vases around the house.

Basket of scrap yarn

I decided to use reinforcing thread for the toes and heels.

First toe

Day 1: one row of colour inspired by a favourite album.....Black.

I'm linking in to other WIPs....Happy Advent

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