Sunday, May 29, 2011

Am still stuck on the green quilt borders....

The borders on the green got be squared quilt have me stumped, I had pieced together random 4 inch squares as a leader/ender project thinking that could be the outer border.

But now I think that that is too narrow, thoughts? Would a thin purple strip as the inner border work?
here is that bright orange, I don't think so
Bigger view, purple at the top, orange at the bottom, oh what to do, am in a quandary.


Nancie said...

I prefer the purple. If you want to expand the border, add wider purple strips on BOTH sides of your pianokey border-- it will make it float, and it will look like you planned it to be skinny, like an accent. ;-)

Sue Daurio said...

I like the purple. It brings out the colors in the center of the quilt. Nice job@