Saturday, May 28, 2011

Retreat Weekend and State of the WIPs

Well it was a foggy day in Stonington, all "the kids" (n=4) slept at the commune, so it was a busy morning making endless cups of tea and toast. Natasha went to the village to have breakfast with daddy, Ana off to work so that left me and the two handsome boys, eventually we hit the village too, quite busy and full of life on this holiday weekend, nice to see and feel. I went to the post office and mailed two packages of exotic baby bulbs one sold on ebay and the other off ebay by a previous ebay customer, my profit? ~$13! yay!! I really need to list more....then enjoyed an iced latte and smoked salmon bagel at Theresa's in the village with the handsome boys and perused the liberated quilting book that had to be returned to the library pronto since I got it through inter library loan.

Since it was misty and actually chilly Natasha and I worked on "The Spring Mystery" and as usual when we work together we made great progress...
Natasha kept feeding me squares and rectangles.

ALL units now complete, squared up by Natasha

the sun finally came out in the late afternoon as I kept hearing in the village in the morning "it will burn off", eventually it did and it was time to enjoy being outside.
'Here are all the blocks, 5 variations of 9-patch--9-patched

and the first 2 rows laid out and ready for sewing, maybe tomorrow, now time to fire up the grill (thanks Doreen) and think about food, at first I thought there would be two for dinner and then there were four and finally six .....chicken tenderloins marinated hurriedly in balsamic vinaigrette, potatoes with vidalia onions (these onions ALWAYS make me think of Marcy, Marcy I miss you), rosemary from the garden (thanks Lisa) and olive oil and a piece of steak, plus some steamed veggies, boy I was hungry.

I had to promise not move forward in the Spring Mystery without Natasha...Not a problem, I have plenty of other WIPs and things to occupy my time.

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