Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Monday Evening Goodwill....Score!!

I've been thinking about doing the Quiltmaker Secret Window Mystery for the last month and trying to decide on the 9 fabrics required, after trips to the Westerly quilt store, Joanne's Fabric store and even the quilt store in Groton that I vowed never to enter again after the Jungle Safari Quilt quilting fiasco and their general attitude, I couldn't find anything that was just right........and then it dawned on me......duhhh use the shirts!!! the blues would be perfect for the 3 tone on tones, I had the right white and so I needed a yellow...hmm must go to the thrift store after work to search for a yellow shirt...

and look what I found, I thought that this would be so perfect that I paid full Goodwill price ($3.99), a first, so far I have managed to stick to the colour of the week that has 50% off. Like this one, the colour here doesn't do it justice, I'll have to take another pic in natural light.

Ana was relieved that I had bought it "to cut up" and not to wear! Then of course i had to search for denim for the beach quilt in progress and came across these.

tiny OshKosh shorts, with strawberries! Age 0-3 months, I'm not sure if we can bring ourselves to cut them up, Ana said we could save them for my grandchildren! Grandchildren, I'm not ready for grandchildren.
The large pair of jeans in denim stripe was also 50% off making it $2.50 and I think will satisfy the stripe requirement for Ana's beach quilt.

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