Thursday, May 26, 2011

Another Stashbuster Stay at Home Retreat Weekend

Perhaps I need to give an update since the last retreat, in short nothing finished and 2 new projects started!!! hmmm BUT three quilts are almost finished and progress has been made on others....details and pics to follow. Not really sure how much retreating I'll get done this weekend since the sun may be out and I have many seedlings and exotic bulbs to plant, not to mention weeding and dealing with some BIG issues, getting together with friends, enjoying my girls and so on.....

Lets start with Purple Haze, in hand quilting stage...some progress, but not enough to blogg about then the blue! Yes there is progress:

Although it has multiplied into three, here are the other two

This one I just like as wall art, it brightens up the living room in the bachelorette apartment.

I'm thinking of working on this one as a "Liberated Round Robin" that is not passed on but worked on to completion, the next round would be triangles...I could do liberated triangles, yes I think I could and in the process move this forward to a flimsy finish..

Moving on to Jungle Safari, binding joined, just a teeny bit to hand sew down, label designed, awaiting printing and stitching.

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