Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tuesday spring walk in mystic

It's time to work on the vegetable gardens in New England and I so enjoyed seeing gardens in progress and these charming raised beds, the one behind looked like it was edged with basketry, very creative and in front peas are popping. That is a very intense wall for the peas to climb. I'll have to learn to crop photos so the details can be seen. These were all taken with my 3G iphone.

What lovely little lights made from clamshells, they were wired but the wire was buried, I had to peer very carefully to figure out the system, very feng shui.

What a beautiful sight, these Johnny jump ups, found enough soil to grow between the concrete and look so cheerful, I do believe that spring is here!

The brisk walked help to clear my head and without my usual buddies and no conversation I did some thinking and plans started formulating on how to bring my personal disaster to an end. After all "a disastrous end is better than a disaster with no end" as my caminero friend told me. The turning point was seeing a very creative garden and the raised bed, allowed me to think about the possibilities of the "soccer field" at the house I own, varykino but no longer live in.

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