Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Christmas in June

...I came home from work on Monday a little stressed to find this waiting for me

..a heavy box from Linda in MA filled with " crumbs" actually it's a lot more than crumbs, it is a fun assortment of fabric, pictures of scrappy quilts for inspiration and even a scrappy quilt book. This is from a lady in my online "stashbuster" quilt group that was "giving away crumbs", I am overcome by her generosity.

I spent an enjoyable summer's evening sorting out the bits and pieces and immediately started cutting the smaller pieces for the postage stamp swap I would like to do, the deadline for this is looming and I need 1250 1 1/2' squares.....

Linda didn't want fabric (has a lot already) in exchange or money for postage so I thought maybe she would enjoy this assortment of chocolates just small tastes really, a little but more than crumbs!

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Anonymous said...

The chicolate was DEEEE-licious! I am working on your next box of crumbs as I cut up blues and mauves for a co-worker's retirement quilt! THANKS!

LindaG from Northbridge, MA