Friday, July 8, 2011

Life is Getting in the Way of Quilting Lately

Me and my 4th of July darlings, we are ready to go a-parading, going for the red white and blue, but alas we were an hour too late for the little village parade. Ana in her heels is the tallest, and that shirt I'm wearing, I made while we lived in San Diego before Natasha was born, close to 25 years ago, that must make it vintage!

It feels like I've hardly sewn in the last few weeks, what with WORK, painting the interior of the house that is going very SLOWLY, the yard sale last weekend,

birthday bash to host

and this week I started training for walking a marathon to raise money for breast cancer in October. The training started on Wednesday after work, with a 3.5 mile gaunt at Bluff Point, sporting the London Moon walk t-shirt that my sweet sister-in-law sent to me especially for training (thank-you Joanne), it made a few people smile.

Okay so what quilty things have I been up to? My postage stamp swaps arrived...

Still not sure what to do with them, but will enjoy opening up these packages this weekend, the girls and their boyfriends are in Block Island and I am looking for forward to a quiet weekend.

An absolutely beautiful Saturday morning here today after a rainy night, so it's off to walk into the village, Farmer's Market and I think I'll splurge and buy a dress, details to follow.

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