Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wednesday WIP #1

Reporting in every week on the Sate of the WIPs, what a nice idea, here goes, the Jungle Safari is no longer a is a FINISH yay, and I delivered it to the new owner.

doesn't it look like it belongs? I hope it gets a lot of use.

the blues, star struck are slowly plugging along, the Spring Mystery is all one piece!! now just the last border, secret window on step 2, denim, started another 3 squares, working on the borders for the green and Kaffe Facet and life is getting in the way of quilting, yard sale this last saturday took a lot of effort and said good bye to many memories, but it was fun with the girls and friends galore.


LynCC said...

Definitely belongs! :D

Lonci said...

It is beautiful:))