Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Just Stringing Along

Orca Bay Clue 2 (72 x 3.5 inch) blue string blocks are DONE (plus a couple extra) and team depapered.

Many of the blues are from upcycled shirts and quiet a few from the shirtail exchanges, can you see yours? All adding up to a lovely variety of hues and colour. the colour change in the photo is due to the shadow, the upper part is more representative, I'll try and take a better pic.I've found that day light is best, but these days I get home from work in the dark and am usually in a hurry to get to work in the mornings. I'm really enjoying this Mystery, Bonnie you have divided it up into great chunks so far.

Clue 4 (64 x 5.5 inch) more string blocks, but larger and red, I had a small basket of strings, that also included some nice pieces from a shirtail swap, but I also cut a strip from each piece of red fabric I had, finally I am using some of the strawberry fabrics I collected when my DDs were little.

I have about 30 in the works so far, these will get trimmed and cut into triangles......stay tuned. In the meantime you can see how all the other mystery sewers are getting along over at Bonnie's linky.
Since it was more string blocks, I was inspired to continue on with more of the denim ones,
hopefully #2DD will enjoy arranging them into blocks when she comes home.........both of my DDs will be home on Saturday for the Christmas break, so I'll get some help. Yes I think I'm getting into the Christmas spirit and I hope you are too............

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Sandra in the UK said...

How nice to be using shirtings! I just love them.