Thursday, April 19, 2012

Okay time to fess-up to all those WIPs

So since I'm going to a workshop given by Gwen Marston tomorrow and will be starting something new with solids, I thought it might be a good idea to tally up the WIPs, so here goes....

Liberating the Blues #1.

Just the binding left, one and a half more sides to hand sew and then it is a FINISH!

The Green Hip to be Square

 The last side of the last border needs to go on and then it's off to Kate to choose a backing and method of quilting or tying...

Purple Madness

Still hand quilting, but oh so close on the last border now

 That's the brown liberated quilt behind purple madness that I actually finished and gave to a family, so it is possible

Star Struck

adding a thin inner border, no idea what the outer border will be, I'm open to suggestions, should I do anything with the basketful of tiny half triangles?

Liberating the Blues #2

aka Liberated Round Robin 1(LibRR1), I'm on the 2nd round "squares" and decide to go with crumb squares, framed in red and set on point.

Liberating the Blues #3

untouched for almost a year, it has been hanging on the wall in #2DD's college bedroom but will be coming home soon.

Liberating the Blues #4

aka Liberated Round Robin 2 (LibRR2), hmm the latest start (what happened to I can't start anything new?), I'm starting with a 9 patch that will get slashed...

Kaffe Facett Facet

untouched for almost a year......

Marty's Shirt Quilt

this one has momentum and I'm really enjoying it with several more versions in my it's at the fun part where he units are made and will be assembled into bigger blocks.

Nine Patches x 2

I need a better name for this king size monster and the back is taking me ages.......if only I had bought another yard of the backing fabric, these are the blocks for the back

Orca Bay

the center is almost done, then it will be on to the border

Denim String Quilt

A bunch of blocks all stacked up

The Spring Mystery

This was last spring, I think that I have all the blocks  made and it is in some mid stage of row formation...

The last category ..
Not even close to being quilts.......just at the playing around sort of leaders and enders stage

Selvage Silliness

Small Log Cabin Silliness

just at the cutting, collecting and swapping stage

Postage Stamp Collection

whewww that's a lot and tomorrow is the TUSAL and retreat and my 20 year old Alfa had a meltdown today, it's all happening......


Michele Bilyeu said...

Loved seeing all of your WIPs, Petra. But oh, am really looking forward to hearing about your classes with Gwen and all of your fun! Take lots of photos :)

sharon said...

petra these WIPs are absolutely fantastic. We need to find you a quilting buddy. someone who likes to do backings, bindings, and quilting. :)

June D said...

What a wonderful photo list of projects! Once I find mine that are hidden away in boxes in the garage I will do the same!