Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Seedling update

I haven't done much sewing in the last week, except sewing on the border on Liberating the Blues 1. We have had quite the heat wave in southeastern CT in the past couple of days, in fact it has felt like summer. I mowed part of the lawn last night, there are patches that could do with re-seeding, rain forecast for sunday so that may be a good day to sprinkle seeds. Am trying to get the house and garden ready for my parents arrival from the Czech Republic next week.  However the lettuce has germinated and is growing, the seedlings are hardening off in preparation for planting out into the freshly cleared vegetable bed (or partly cleared).

The vegetable bed with some lettuce volunteers.

Sunflowers, arugula, and red cabbage have also gerninated, but are quickly looking leggy, I'm surprised since I thought there was plenty of sun in the sunroom....  and those are my exotic voodoo lilies sprouting, the white stuff is bulb dust in case you are wondering.

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