Friday, June 1, 2012

Gardening has been eating into Quilting

My perennial rockery with all the bramble pulled out thanks to my mummy and some of the flower seeds we scattered are sprouting, hopefuly this will be a nice splash of colour in mid-summer.

The leek harvest this spring was fantastic. Mother made leek and potato soup, I gave a crate to the broken yolk cafe for roasted leek omelets and still have a handful left in the refrigerator.
Lettuce sprouting, although I confess this isn't my garden, but the Frim Fram Farmers, 2 young couples trying organic farming for a living, they are an inspiration, doing everything by hand. Love those raised beds.

I'm lucky enough to have friends that have a nursery and they hooked me up with all these seedlings, I came home with 4 different shades of purple petunias! Whoohoo.

My vegetable garden, this photo a little of date, the mixed greens have been harvested a couple of times already, mixed with some fresh herbs make a yummy salad.

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Tree Removal Queens said...

WHOA! Your vegetable garden is huge, i love it!! How long does it take for the petunias to come out in full bloom? I've never planted them before. I do alot of herbs and some veggies. Keep it up your garden looks awesome.

-Oscar Valencia