Thursday, June 7, 2012

Operation Sink Hole Fill

Sink holes have been appearing after heavy spring rains in the drive-way and adjacent areas, perhaps there is an underground stream. This one appeared before our very eyes and DD#2 finally said "mom, I think you should move your car", the sink hole was close. Finally the time has come to do something about this.

Step1.Filling in the holes in the driveway with large stones and then gravel. DONE, but one area continues to sink and we are getting rain and more rain which seems to make the situation worse.

 In the meantime, I almost tripped into a sunken area in the lawn (felt like a trampoline), to discover a new sink hole, but this one got partially filed with a bag of cement I found in the garage. Now I need a big rock and then I can fill it in with the top soil.

Step 2. Delivery of 20 cubic yards (a tri-axle) of top soil. DONE and too wet to move.............this will probably take the rest of the summer and I will end up in good shape hopefully. I'm also having  wild outrageous ideas of creating more beds and breaking up that soccer field that takes hours to mow.....

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MulticoloredPieces said...

Oh my gosh! Sinkholes popping up (or down) in your garden! Haven't dropped by for awhile, but I really enjoyed your posts about Gwen Marston's workshop (what fun) and your liberated RR blues tops (very pretty).
best, nadia