Sunday, September 15, 2013

Transitioning to a K-blog

Over the last year (ever since my trip to Peru), I've become more and more obsessed with yarn and knitting, I discovered ravelry, (where you can find me as petrakt), yarn crawls and Jimmy Beans WW and I've even had a few converts.......I think I'll keep the Q-blog name anyway. To start here are a few FOs (Finished Objects) or as Chrissy says from Stitched Together, Done and Dusted, love that Northern English accent and terms. Oh and not to mentions there's podcasts, KALs (knitting alongs), MKALs (Mystery KALs) all to keep me inspired and excited, also back to knitting reminds me of my salad days when I knitted constantly, okay so here goes.........

Socks from mini mochi for Pam, these were my first socks, I'm working on another pair, just finished one and of course there are many more WHIMMs.......yes I'll add a list of knitting terms (some are similar from the Quilting world)

Dish cloths...........I've made probably 30 or so, most given as gifts and these are fun, quick and a nice way to try out new patterns, I've been enabled by my friend Pam who came across a deal $5 for 1LB of 100% cotton, grown in the USA and spun in can make quite a few dish cloths from 1LB of yarn....

Swirl Cardigan, this was the first FO from alpaca yarn I bought at a market in Cusco.......and started the knitting thing...the lilac is bamboo yarn.

Scarves.........all birthday gifts this year, a wingspan, a dragon's tail and a windward, all lots of fun to knit.
Dragon's tail for a childhood friend's birthday
 Wingspan in shoppel wolle, I made for DD#2's 21st birthday

Windward for another childhood friend's 50th birthday, I wonder if he'll wear it?
Looking forward to writing more regularly...I have a week off next week and I'm staying at looking forward to it and I think I have my blogging mojo back.....

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