Monday, November 4, 2013

Remodelling a Dilapidated Sunroom

Over the years the sunroom has been leaking and most of the double pane glass has become fogged, the last straw was one roof pane shattering in a winter storm, almost a year ago.....yes it has a taken a year for work to begin.

 Everything had to be moved out of the sunroom, which included my fabric stash, a piano, plants, DDs toys and mucho I'm forced into organizing the fabric. I've been knitting pretty exclusively for the last few months and a yarn stash  has been growing.

On Monday the demolition  began,  it took one day for two guys to remove the glass from the roof and another day to remove the glass from the wall, these glass panels are heavy!! At night a tarp was draped, the rain stayed away until Thursday afternoon.
Earlier in the week, the project looked like a stage. Rain prevented work on friday and it was a dark weekend with a tarp over the sunroom, which will soon be The Studio!
Some framing has taken place and the skylights might be installed tomorrow.

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