Monday, August 4, 2014

August Break: Orange

I'm treating August Break as a challenge to improve my photos and also to post on my blog everyday. I take my daily photo before looking at any of the other amazing blogs so that I am not influenced. So here goes with Orange, a colour I don't like very much and certainly never wear. I do like it in nature though.

 I have two friends that love orange and wear it well, one of them has been waiting for this trio of washcloths to be ready. Each time she sees me I'm knitting on something else, so I hope that she will be pleasantly surprised when I give her these orange dishcloths later in the week.

That lovely orange flower is pole beans bursting in to bloom, followed by beans in a week or so I hope...........

I sprinkled the beans with the magic garden dust since some leaves were curling inwards a sure sign that all was not well, but after the weekend of rain, more powder needs to be applied.

Happy Monday.

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