Wednesday, December 10, 2014

2014 WIP Wednesday #11- Advent Sock Knitting Update

The Socks

Dec 2nd - sock B: knit two rounds with a color that reflects the size of your stash; just over 5kg I think- yellow - taiyo sock yarn

Sock B

My Stash

Dec 3rd- sock B: knit three rounds with a color you pick from google’s picture search: search for your self but pick a color from the first picture that isn’t you: green, some trees in the background, taiyo sock again 
Dec 4th - sock B: knit four rounds in a color you pick from the nearest painting; green again, continuing with taiyo sock yarn from a watercolour of my rock garden.

Dec 5th - sock A: knit 5 rounds in a colour that begins with your maternal grandmother's last name; Cerna, which means black in Czech so I continued with black.

Dec 6th - sock A: knit 6 rounds with colours from the flag of the country you were born in; Czech Republic in my case and like so many gags, white, blue and red.I didn't have white so you used taupe alpaca bought in Cusco, Peru in 2012.

Sock B (top), Sock A (bottom)

Dec 7th - sock B: knit 7 rounds from "What Color is Your Personality?" ; blue; taiyo sock yarn

Dec 8th - Sock A: knit 8 rounds depicting my girls in their favourite colour (turquoise DD#1, green DD# 2). the colours I used are an approximation, both taiyo sock yarn

Dec 9th - Sock A: knit 9 rounds from an early child hood memory - blue; taiyo sock yarn (again)~ the ocean in Africa

Dec 10th - Sock B: knit 10 rounds 

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