Monday, January 12, 2015

Summing up the 2015 WIPs

Well to start off 2015, I have a record number of WIPs..........I think the number is hopefully lucky 13. On the positive side, this large number should translate into a lot of early 2015 FOs.

The most active WIPs (in no particular order) are......

1. January Mystery Socks
Inspired by Chagall’s blue tones, designed by Heatherly Walker. Both cuffs are complete, I'm using Schoeller+Stahl Fortissima Colori Socka Color (made in teh Czech Republic, yay) and Patons Kroy Sock yarns. I'm working on clue 2 now, I had to unpick one sock due to an error, picking up these tiny stitches has been a real pain, but I'll press on.

Clue 1

 Clue 2 about half-way through.

Doing TAAT (Two at a time), but on separate needles

2. Advent Calendar Lace Scarf
Designed by Kristin Benecken, I'm using two shades of grey in Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine and Cascade Yarns Heritage Silk.

 Day 17 

I've been stuck on Day 19 for almost a week now and have just moved to Day 20, another complicated pattern.

Christmas Eve photo, premature blocking after Day 14

Finally Day 19 complete

3. Einstein Toddler Coat
This is a great pattern by Sally Melville (no purling!). I'm using Noro Taiyo in sand, red, greens and yellow and the aqua is Cascade 220 quatro (slightly lighter weight). I discovered that the sleeves are too short, so need to add another couple of inches.

So close to an FO

4. Advent Scrap Socks
A lot of the scraps are Taiyo sock yarn leftover from various projects, these are memory socks for me since I remember what I made from all the yarn. Am now working on the after thought heel.

The tubes

5. Thrummed Slippers
These are actually an FO now, so I'll save the details for FO Friday.

The sole

The thrums on the sole

I talk about the other WIPS another time :-)

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