Sunday, May 1, 2011

Retreat Progress Report

The day started with Ana and I going to the little quilt store in Rhode Island via an estate sale........oh what did we find? A brand new Fiskars, cutting mat, ruler and rotary cutter still in the package, for $2 I just had to have it, gosh there is a ruler story that started when Bonnie noticed that the measuring lines on my ancient 24 x 6 inch ruler were not exactly visible, she told me I needed a new ruler right away..........(my ruler collection has since grown), this will be another post. Couldn't resist that sturdy round basket either.

Didn't exactly find what I needed for borders and a new project at the quilt store, but a few purchases of batiks, the purple may or may not work as a thin border for the green quilt.

now hanging on the line together with a couple more thrift store shirts, I love the smell of line dried laundry.

Sewed for most of the afternoon on the Star Struck,

the colours look so much better when photographed outside, but haven't made a count yet, more strips for the Kaffe Fasset, more nine patches for the Spring Mystery (these will all be wedding gifts) and the blue just pure fun random piecing with the green piano key border, also some hand quilting to keep the calluses in place.

No binding or labeling, yet.

It's a beautiful day and I'll intermix gardening with sewing today.

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