Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wednesday WIP #5

Borders, borders, borders oh and a binding thank-you Natasha for sending me a better pic and good luck hand sewing down the binding, we have an almost finish!

and I'm auditioning fabric for a border on the blue liberated quilt, a friend suggested light aqua? does that work? thoughts?

two of the 4 final black borders are on this one, this quilt is huge!
and finally the green one, thanks for the idea of floating the last border, getting there.....needs a good iron

apologies for the poor quality of the pics this week.

linking into Lee's WIPs
where I'm sure you'll see some delights

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LynCC said...

What I like about using the aqua border - the red-border area inside demands top attention, and then the quilt recedes out from it, to almost fade away through the aqua. Kinda cool.

If you want more definition on the edges, maybe a darker blue, like an almost-navy dark royal or peacock, would contain the quilt's statement? Kinda like the colors of that wavy strip above the top red border - it forms a T with the vertical rustier strip. A bright enough hue to create a definite border, but not too bright to fight with the reds.