Monday, October 3, 2011

The TBBCF Super (Super) Marathon

On Saturday morning, dark and early it was time for the 6th Annual Walk for Breast Cancer Research! you can read more about the fund here

Carol, Linda and I met in Groton at 5:30am, Linda had coffee and egg and cheese bagels from Dunkin Donuts ready for us. I had been up since 3:30am having woken at 1 am and couldn't get back to up I got.

Due to Linda's knee, back and finally the dentist giving her a humongous bruise (or is she moon lighting as a wrestler?) we were planning on the super half (15 miles they said), Minerva met us at Rocky Neck Park at 6 am (we were all early at each meeting spot) and drove us to the start at Old Saybrook Point so we wouldn't have to shuttle back after the walk.

there's Minerva to my left as she said she had a very important job to do and did it well and I'm proudly wearing my SIL's London moonwalk t-shirt that got quiet a bit of attention.

here we are all excited

We had very inspirational speeches from Terri Broeder's 2 young beautiful daughters, they lost there mother at a very young age to breast cancer, I don't think there was a dry eye in sight.

And there was the Pfizer Pfitness warm-up. Claudia and I waving our arms....

and there's Susan about to jump, the announcer said GO and at 7.03 am off we went in a light drizzle

I took this picture for my daddy who loves interesting tree trunks

Strange garden ornaments in this part of CT

look at these pfizer pfaries at mile 6 cheering us on

at this point Mile 6 or so the pouring rain stopped, I inadvertently switched of my runkeeper app and promptly restarted it, so here's part 1 mapped.
and decided to try and catch-up the rest of Team Linda, when I got mile 12 and there were the Pfizer Pfaries again they told me they hadn't seen ANY members of Team Linda, hmmm where were they?
I was sure that I hadn't passed pace slowed, the last mile seemed to go on forever the balls of my feet were burning, my thighs felt weak and my pace slowed even more. I got to the finish and no-one from team Linda was there! I couldn't believe it, so I had a foot massage and then a fully body massage en plein air.

When the rest of Team Linda came through, turns out they were all at the pitstop where I left Claudia at mile 6! ... we had lunch and all felt that the last mile was ever so long.

I checked out my app on sunday, here's the 2nd half

and sure enough the last mile was closer to 2 and the super (super) half-marathon was 16 miles !!

and Linda had PINK hard lemonade and cookies with PINK chocolate chips all packed in the cooler of her car.

I fell asleep at 6pm 5 mins into watching a was truly an amazing experience, floating along to the support and I am looking forward to the full 26.2 next year.

If you would like to donate please go to

and search for Petra Koza-Taylor or another walker of your choice, 100% of the funds go to research since this organization is run completely by volunteers and incredibly organized ones at that.

A BIG thank-you to those of you that already donated, for your encouragement and support.

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MulticoloredPieces said...

Congrats for finishing! wow! what courage and for a good cause. Really liked your WIPs. Looking forward to seeing them finished!
best, nadia