Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What about those rejected QSTs?

What's a QST you may ask, it's a Quarter Square Triangle and I swear I must have made over 300 over the last couple of weeks for the Orca Bay Mystery. Why has a bunch been rejected Ellen asks? Good question, technically they are fine which is an accomplishment for me since I prefer the liberated style. The contrast is not quite right my #1DD pronounced, she has the graphic design eye and was right. There was lovely red and black apple fabric but some of the triangles ended up almost entirely red...REJECT. Some of the black had too much white... REJECT, some of the neutrals had too much colour....REJECT and then there were the few that were simply oddly shaped, far too liberated...REJECT

"The Rejects"
so there we have it.

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liz said...

Never mind about the rejects. I bet they could make a good project later on. I have some rejects, and extra blocks that I cut; they're staying with me until I can think up something useful to do with them.