Thursday, December 8, 2011

Orca Bay onto Clue 3

So I've been out the last 5 nights out of 7,  that has made a big dent in my sewing and goes, time to update:

Clue 1: 224 QSTs..COMPLETE plus some extra and of course a bunch of rejects

and here they are all boxed up
 Clue 2: 69 blue string blocks COMPLETE, only another 3 to make and I know there are at least 5 in the works......

since I was making strings I thought it was a good opportunity to make some more denim strings for that beach quilt #2DD and I started in the spring.

so these blocks are coming along too

and here are some nicely starched and cut Half Square Triangles (HSTs), ready for sewing. Starching these strips makes the cutting and sewing more precise for me (thank-you Subee)
here are some ready, I think I have close to 100, 250 to go

looking forward to clue 4 tomorrow morning, thank-you Bonnie, I'm really enjoying my first Bonnie Mystery. Check out how everyone else is doing over on Quiltville.

Tomorrow after work I'm going to a fiber fest in a local bar and I'll be removing the paper from my little blue strings blocks, wonder what others will be doing?


Leeanne said...

looking great and like you looking forward to seeing the next clue...but I must FINISH clue One!

sharon said...

this is amazing stuff Petra. Tom and i were looking thru all your fabric work. we are in awe. he's folding paper now :)

liz said...

In spite of lack of time you seem to be doing pretty well keeping up with the mystery quilt.