Thursday, March 1, 2012

Broke the local quilt store boycott and Trader Joe's Bottle # 6

I had a weak moment on a lunchtime run to the post office this week. I've been thinking about the binding for "Liberating the Blues One of  Three" and red tonals keep coming to mind (none in my stash at present). So I strolled over to the local quilt store that I have been boycotting for a year or so due to their unfriendly attitude, horrible quilting on my Brown Liberated Quilt and seeing a lady walk out of there crying, plus some other less than satisfying visits. As I walked in I got the usual reluctant hello.........but did note that the fabric selection has improved and proceeded to select 5 I brought them to the cutting counter, I received immediate attention (very nice). Declined a bag, and upon inspection of my purchase in the car, I realized that the owner had been very generous with her 1/4 yard cuts......I took them to work and measured, they varied from 10.5 to 14 inches!! Very nice for a 9 inch quarter cut.

Perhaps we can say that we have made up now and I may pay the store a visit again sometime soon.

This bottle of Trader Joe's wine measures about 12 inches and so I'm using it as a ruler here, you can see that these were very generous 1/4 yard cuts, this wine was also delicious.

Revelation Cabernet-Merlot, 2009, Pays D'Oc, France $6.49, this is a Buy again, but then I've been preferring French wines for the last year or so.
How does the red look for binding? This photo isn't the best (iphone flash in the evening), so here is a better one of the actual quilt, these colours in crisp sunshine are truer. The wind was howling on that day and moments after the photo was taken the quilt flew right at me.


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sharon said...

i also visited the local quilt shop on a recent lunch time errand outing and noticed the fabric selection had improved. bought a variety of fat quarters to build up the stash. still not the friendliest bunch, but i can live with that given the convenience :)