Monday, March 31, 2014

Blocking Transformation

So DD#1 came and went, I managed to sweep completely prior to her arrival, but the vacuuming is yet to be finished, there are just too many other things to do.

The Friday night blocking went well I think, I used soak that leaves the knitterly things feeling soft and smelling clean.
Too bad the drain doesn't completely close in the small bathroom sink, still I made sure that Milo's cardie was fully soaked prior to following The Harlot's instructions.
Yes I even measured!!
Here is a close-up of the icord sleeve seam, pretty niffty don't you think? Saturday morning I sewed on the buttons and I hope that these buttons stay on, not like on DD#2's BSJ where she promptly cut them off, because they were too girly!! I know, Sandy if you're reading this I still appreciate that you gave me the buttons and then sent extra ones and DD#1 agonized about the order of the colours, we laid them out, took photos so I wouldn't the end to find out that DD#2 wanted wooden buttons! I should have realized.

I met the tiny and very sweet Milo on Saturday afternoon and was able to give him his cardie and hat, I think that he should be able to get a couple of months out of them. He's quite tall and skinny, today he is just 3 weeks old. I'm admiring his perfect tiny hands while the proud new mamma looks on. We're hanging at the proud new daddy's graphic design studio, the loft area is nice and cosy.

Milo in his brand new hat, precious!

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