Tuesday, April 1, 2014

DD#1 is knitting her own Cardie

So yes, DD#1 comes home for weekend visits from time to time, which is so lovely and sometimes she raids my stash, takes a bunch of my new favourite needles (Knitter's Pride Circular) and even gets me to buy a ravelry pattern for her, because she wants to make something with chevrons. Inwardly I'm so excited that she gets the whole startitis thing, the joy of picking out a yarn, deliberating over a pattern and then casting on and imagining the possibilities, that I'm actually cool with her taking the 4 balls of dye lot matched taiyo sock yarn......after all I've had it for almost a year and I know that it will be turned into a perfect cardie, only the way a yopro graphic designer can make it. AND the Rhode Island Yarn crawl is coming up with a chance for me to re stock.
Here are the two sleeves perfectly mismatched knitted on dpns (thatta girl), the yopro is using two balls of the same yarn, but carefully mixing it up to make the distinctive chevrons......I would never have the patience for that......the pattern is Maxfield Cardigan byAmy Christoffers.
I've been working on baby booties for Milo using up the rest of the Berroco Sox yarn and following the Baby Boots pattern by Frankie Brown. After having completed both of them except for the sewing up, I decided that they didn't match so unpicked, I mean frogged them. V2.0 is knitting them two at a time (TAAT), I'm worried about catching second bootie syndrome.
They look even more mismatched in this pic, hopefully V2.0 will at least result in two booties of the same size!
Cooper update: Blood tests came back negative for all infections, the vet thought it was good news, but very worrying for us, the baseball sized lump below his ear is very hard and perfectly spherical, the size seems to have stabilized over the last few days. The biopsy is scheduled for Thursday. Please keep him in your thoughts, he has been so sweet lately.

In other news the March rains have resulted in two new sink holes and flooded basement here at varykino, luckily the two pumps have been doing a good job, keeping the water level below the furnace and other important basement type stuff.

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