Friday, March 28, 2014

Knitting for babies

For the last few weeks I've been knitting for babies,  cardies, beanies and booties. There's a little baby boom going on here in North Eastern Connecticut. 

This beanie is for baby Milo whom I've yet to meet. The pattern is by Ulli S. Shibuya  The yarn is really lovely too,  hand dyed in Sprague Connecticut, Ellyn Cooper's Sonnets Jenny in the Waterman Silver colourway. It is a fingering weight cotton-bamboo 50-50 mix, very soft and just right for a new baby boy don't you think?

In fact this is my second baby beanie and a third one will be on my needles soon, to match the cardie that is almost know just ends to weave in (where is DD#1 when I need her?), crochet another 4 buttons, block, sew the buttons on.......I'd better hurry before Milo grows and it warms up around here....

Here is V1.0 of the baby beanie, dashingly modeled by Bohan whose part of the KORT thing...
I think I'll link into FO friday, please take a look at all the other wonderful finished objects (this implies that my baby beanies are wonderful and in this case, look at Bo, they are aren't they?).

I've discovered the yarn harlot (where have I been?) and she's inspired me to clean-up my blog (not that I've done that yet)......get knitting and blogging, too bad I have to work outside the home......but I am an empty nester so in theory I should have loads of time........but practically I never have enough, where does it go? My new addiction to reading the Harlot's 10 year old blog in chronological order probably doesn't help.  Do you know what hurts? She was in Boston recently on a book signing tour and I had no idea, none, and the really crazy thing is that I think I was in Boston for work at the same time, oh well...

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