Wednesday, April 2, 2014

WIP Wednesday, yes I really am getting backing into the blogging thing

Okay, mucho on the needles, but I'm focusing on the booties and yes my three faithful blog readers that is a bracelet abacus to help me keep track of rows, isn't it ingenious? That little arrangement means I just finished row 20, it's not the best photo, I'll try again another time. The infuriating thing is that somehow I screwed up the TAAT technique and one bootie is not like the other bootie, so a little fix is in order.
Tomorrow I'm going to leave work a little early, dress up and go to NYC to a cocktail event!! I have no idea what to wear, but am leaning towards the colour craving shawl and something black since it will be almost the North Eastern colours, I wonder if I'll get extra points for that? It's the Empower Event and I may have an opportunity to catch a glimpse of one or both of my DDs. I've been pre-warned that they will be far too busy (organizing and saving the world kind of thing) to hang with me, that's cool, I told DD#1 that I'd bring my knitting, but she declared that it wasn't that kind of event, of course I'm going to smuggle some in, I'm just undecided about the project. As well as the nifty little decorative and very functional abacus, I also got some rather dishy yarn yesterday.....and I've been preoccupied with pattern choices never mind the other 9 WIP bags that I have been hiding.

I'm also hoping to meet up with a friend that I haven't seen in a very long time and may be squeeze time in to check out Knitty City, even though it's not anywhere close to my destination.

Okay enough rambling, I'm linking into to all the other WIP Wednesday blogs, take a look and leave a comment.

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